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Blue   Blueprints BC has become the generic name for a series of Facebook groups intended to focus discussion on a number of important topics related to public education. Blueprints BC creates an ongoing online meeting exploring a concept at greater depth, reviewing background information / research, synthesizing ideas and then suggesting appropriate action to this larger FB group. The sites depend on participant’s willingness to become a part of the discussion. Threads are utilized and at particular points the comments are summarized and posted so that information can be accessed later. Ideas in each thread are either built upon by the next commentator or a new direction is presented. It is envisioned that this systematic and purposeful dialogue will give participants a deeper understanding of the concept allowing better synthesis of the information in order to guide action that needs to be taken. Articles and other posts pertinent to the topic are also added by group members.  While the intention is that all groups will be ongoing it is hoped that each group will have a synthesis of the information and a suggested plan for action before the end of summer. These groups represent an opportunity for you to be a part of the solution through deliberate and focused dialogue with others around the province. The following six groups are currently set up and subscribed to. Please click on the link to add your name to any one of these and become a part of the dialogue. There are also other possibilities for other major concepts to be undertaken as their own focused group. Please suggest other concepts, in the comments section below, that can become a focus for discussion in a Blueprints BC group.  


Blueprints BC The original group focused on understanding the BC Government vision for K-12 Education and how it relates to the current goals of public education in our society.  


Blueprints BC Class Size and Composition A group focused on finding ways to engage society in the discussion of class size and composition in BC classrooms and the implications on student learning  


Blueprints BC School Economy A group focused on discussion of and taking action on the issue of public schools and their effect on the economy of BC  


Blueprints BC Interdependence                                                                                                                                                                                                 A group focused on finding links between the many issues surrounding the BC Public School system and other entities in society.  


Blueprints BC Presentation                                                                                                                                                                                                         A group designed to bring together people who desire to work on a presentation that synthesizes the ideas that are being developed on other Blueprint sites and package them to be shown throughout the province.


Blueprints BC Vision for Education                                                                                                                                                                                          A group that will explore the role of education in our society past, present and future.