What can I do next?


We came together as a community. We stood in defiance of a government who were focused on ruining our teachers resolve and eating away at their courage. They achieved neither, and instead we built an army of supporters behind the teachers. The mistake the government made was to underestimate the human spirit of people who support public education in BC. While this battle is over there is more to come. Schools are broken as a result of serious underfunding, public education in under attack as a result of government’s re-engineering plans in the BC Jobs for Skills Blueprint, and there is a talk about wholesale changes in the public education that will make a few very rich, make good on some Liberal promises and in general do damage to the concept of equity and developing a citizen – values that our public education system has been built on

The question is WHAT CAN I DO? We are hoping that the energy created to support teachers during the 2014 labour dispute can now be converted to improve public education and protect it from attacks that the Liberal government – please stay active as an advocate for improved public education. The children of British Columbia need your help.

It is time put the public back into public education.


What Can I Do?

Do not try to do it all – if you can, just visit one teacher, write one letter, attend one rally or visit one block for recall – every little bit helps

Check out the main organizational website for Public Education Advocates

Protect Public Education Now www.ppen.ca

Here you will find updated readings, petitions, as well as details on advocacy projects and activities throughout BC

Talk to your child’s teacher (s)

Find out what they need in their classroom and the school in general (don’t forget the school office – tell your school’s principal, tell the superintendent, write a letter to your Trustees, write a letter / call / email your MLA, write to Minister Fassbender and Premier Clark – demand that your teacher(s) / school get what they want to be able to better educate your child. Your child deserves the best.

Participate in Twitter Campaigns

Currently these are focused on teachers telling stories about what their classrooms are like – often complete with pictures

‪#‎BusinessAsUsual ‪#‎ISubsidizeBCEd

Sign a petition





Join your child’s school PAC

Encourage discussion on important topics regarding public education

Help educate all parents in your child’s school on topics regarding advocacy for public education

Let your school trustees know you expect them to advocate for public education

Contact your MLA

Write a letter, send an email, phone, visit in person to tell them what will help to support public education

Contribute to the Tumbler site on classroom / school / public education condition The intention is to create a central location for stories and photos of the effects of over a decade of underfunding in the education system.


Public Discussion Facebook Sites – general discussion, education and specific activities

BC Voters Supporting Teachers and Public Education


Support for BC Teachers


Protect Public Education Now


British Columbia Parent Teacher Alliance


Collective to Save Public Education in BC


We Support BC Teachers


Focused Action Face Book Sites – specific work being done on various topics regarding advocacy for public education

Analysis Action Facebook Sites

Blueprint BC – analysis, interpretation and action on the Liberal Government BC Skills for Jobs Blueprint


Blueprints BC School Economy – analysis and action on the funding crises in BC schools


Blueprints Interdependence – Analysis of the similarities of concerns in public education and other areas of BC society


Blueprints BC Presentation – Discussion around developing a presentation on the state of public education in BC to be shown throughout the province


Direct Action Facebook Sites

Rallies for Education – Get involved organizing or attending a rally in BC


Teachers’ Letters to MLAs – focus on writing to MLAs throughout the province


BC Recall 2014-15- become active in working on a Recall Campaign


Watchdogs of Public Education – Observe, record and report the damages done by the drastic under-funding of the BC public school system.


Stories about Public Education


BC Businesses that support BC Public School Teachers